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What a welcome!

1st February saw the Shearman’s arrival in Shoreham with a lovely welcome from Brian. A mixed day for both of us. Sadness at our different endings with hope for what is yet to come.

We were joined by various members of the family over the weekend and welcomed by nature too.

Saturday saw the welcome of the Kookaburras. They seemed pretty happy to see us - well they certainly laughed a lot.

Then on Sunday we were welcomed by a local Koala. He/she hung around for most of the day and we enjoyed watching her/him chilling, sleeping and eating.

Neighbours popped in to welcome us on Sunday and Tuesday - its already feeling as though we have landed in a very special place.

We are officially open for business. Our first guest arrives on Monday and there is plenty of room for more.

Please get in touch via the website or facebook or pick up the phone if you would like to book a stay. The locals are looking forward to welcoming you too.

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