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Spiritual Director

Carmel Tedesco is an experienced spiritual director and retreat director. Carmel grew up on the Mornington Peninsula and has lived in Ireland and Indonesia.  Carmel has a theology degree and an arts degree. She has recently moved back to Balnarring after spending ten years in Gippsland, where she gave many retreats at Bass Hill Hermitage. Carmel is a member of the Conference of Spiritual Directors (CSD). She has a background in Ignatian Spirituality and has made a 30 Day Retreat, as well as a number of 8 day retreats. Carmel continues to read widely, especially in the areas of spirituality and sustainability.

Carmel offers spiritual direction in Balnarring and on-line via zoom for those on retreat at The Cliffs - a chance to pick up a nice coffee and reflect on your retreat as you drive to and from Shoreham or an opportunity to stay in bed and look at the view!

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