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Spiritual Accompaniment

Carmel is a trained Spiritual Director and member of the Conference of Spiritual Directors Australia.  Spiritual Direction without a retreat is charged at $80 per session.

Spiritual Accompaniment, also known as Spiritual Direction is a process of accompanying someone on a journey of a deepening relationship with God.

It is a confidential relationship of trust between two people, in which one listens to and may pray with the other, discerning, affirming and offering guidance in the life-long journey of deepening spiritual maturity.  It can be of help to anyone who wants to grow in faith and spiritual practice.

A Spiritual Director gives a safe and secure relationship in which to explore and grow in one’s relationship with God. The process provides a place in which to explore questions and difficulties, guidance in exploring fresh approaches to prayer, the discipline of self-examination and being accountable to another, companionship during a period of discernment or change.

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