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Guided Retreats

The Cliffs invites you to experience self-directed and individually or group guided retreats.
Personal Retreats

If your life is a busy one, with many cares and concerns, then you would probably benefit from a time of quiet prayer and reflection.  Self and individually guided retreats can be organised for any duration and in combination of day visit, or self-catered.

A guided retreat will normally include all of some of the following aspects:


Time to Pray; Normally between three and five periods of private prayer a day - the length of which will vary according to what you feel comfortable with.


A Listening Ear; You will see a Spirtual Director or Companion for a daily spiritual accompaniment meeting, usually taking between half and three-quarters of an hour.


Silence; Time between prayer periods is most profitably spent alone, in silence.. For a few days in the year it is good not to seek escape by filling our time with TV, computers, radio, mobile phones, chatter or the many other distractions of daily life.


Leisure Time; A certain amount of reading, listening to music, having a coffee at a local café etc. might well be helpful.  Retreat time can often be used profitably to do things you really love to do and rarely have time for.


Be Creative; You may find that using art materials, clay, paint, pens or pencils is helpful to express yourself in a non-verbal way.  Art materials are available upon request.


Healthy lifestyle; A retreat is a good opportunity to take up a healthy lifestyle. Give yourself plenty of time for sleep.  Exercise the body - walking and fresh air are ideal.  Take a daily walk on the beach or  a swim in the sea.

Personal Retreats
Group Retreats

If you are looking to bring a group, you are very welcome to bring your own retreat leader, or we can provide you with someone to lead your group who will discuss and tailor a retreat to meet your requirements.


Group retreats can be organised for any duration and in any combination of day visit, self, part or fully catered.


We have limited space but you are welcome to use some of our bedrooms in the main house too.  If a group retreat is what you are looking for give us a call.

Group Retreats
Retreats in Daily Life

A Retreat in Daily Life offers the chance to make some quiet prayerful space without leaving home or taking time away from work. This kind of retreat normally takes place over a few days or a few weeks, often in one of the seasons of the church year, such as Advent (before Christmas), Lent (before Easter) or Pentecost (after Easter).


For the period of the retreat, you make a commitment to praying each day, and to meet regularly for conversation about prayer with a spiritual director/companion.


There is a welcoming gathering at the start, and a similar shared closing to end. Retreats in daily life are sometimes hosted by a group of churches working together, but they are open to people of any faith background and none.

Retreats in Daily Life
Weekly Meditation
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