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COP26 at The Cliffs - online event

The Invitation from Peter Martin, on the cusp of COP26:

We have received this invitation because of the thrice weekly meditations hosted jointly by St James’ Point Lonsdale and The Cliffs Retreat Shoreham, in southern Victoria, Australia, on the shores of Port Philip (Kulin: Naarm Naarm) and Western Port (Boonwurrung: Warn Marin) respectively.

Peter writes... "this is an interfaith venture, I am sending this to my network of friends in the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC).

Each of us, with the wisdom and practices of our respective traditions and lineages, lean into and connect with COP26 - that our leaders will take us into a new future where the human family plays its part in building a sustainable future for the planet where all life flourishes.

(For a 30 minute mid-day meditation (see below) during COP26, from October 31 to Nov 4, please feel free to attend our local effort in Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia. We will be in the church and on Zoom. The meditation will begin at 12noon with the ringing of the church bell.

Bishop Philip Huggins, known to many of you, is across the global interfaith endeavours behind this invitation. This is from him:

But as the crucial UNCOP26 approaches, beginning on October 31, it is also our responsibility to pray for beneficial outcomes. Internationally, in our varied time zones, people of faith are being encouraged to participate together in three ways, especially from October 31 until November 14:

  1. At Noon each day- Silent Prayer and Meditation, perhaps with symbolic actions like bell- ringing; lighting candles, standing silently together wherever we are.

  2. At 7 pm each day - Deep Meditation and Prayer, utilising special prayers which will be provided by those on the spot in Glasgow.

  3. A Pilgrimage Event - “Faiths for Climate Justice” on Saturday November 6, (ahead of the crucial final week of negotiations at COP26).

All this is being co- ordinated by the Interfaith Liaison Committee to the UNFCCC. "

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