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Masks, curfews and lock-down at The Hermitage

With Melbourne (and Shoreham) in Stage 4 lock-down (obligatory masks and evening curfew) we are closed for at least the next 5 weeks.

I took the opportunity to walk across the garden this week to road test the Hermitage. So how did the it pull up?

The Hermitage, so called as it was the home of a modern day hermit, has held much silence, prayer and meditation. Chris Chaplin in his article "Why a Hermit?" (MSC Encounter No. 66 Autumn 1998) described the experience: "To be in the now moment with the now reality long enough to hear the voice of God loving, encompassing, directing. This is the essence of the hermit’s life."

On a cold winter's day in August I found this to be true. The Hermitage is a perfect place to listen. The fire lit with the first match and before too long windows were open. I sat and listened, snuggled up in a blanket on the rocking chair watching the flames.

Fully masked up for a long beach walk I saw..... no one.

There were signs of spring....

....and a sign of hope - something we all need at the moment.

Sleep came easy on a very comfy bed (with heated blanket) and the cabin had everything required, including some great books, which added depth to the retreat experience.

There is a degree of bias in this review, however, it really was great place to be 'in the now moment with a bit of now reality'.

Book early to avoid the rush in five weeks time (hopefully). Stay safe and well, and we look forward to welcoming you back to The Cliffs as soon as we can.

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