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Lovers of the place

I have been meditating via Zoom at 8.30am on Monday and Friday mornings with a small group of 'lovers of the place' run by the Queenscliffe and Point Lonsdale Anglicans. The group has grown through COVID to become a geographically diverse group of people who have a connection to the church or the House of Prayer (run by the church), who quite literally 'love the place'. I have had a number of very happy retreats at the House of Prayer and as a 'lover of the place' myself, I was excited to be invited to participate with and occasionally host the meditation group.

This is something we now can offer to lovers of The Cliffs too. Founded by a belief in the strength of silence, in community together, as Laurence Freeman founder of the World Community for Christian Meditation says, "[Meditation] expresses the unity of all in the spirit, as do indeed all sacred acts inspired by love or compassion. Meditation as we can testify creates community experienced in the deep silence of being together."* We already offer in-person meditation for retreat guests on a Tuesday at St Peter's Church in Shoreham and we will now be offering on-line meditation via zoom on a Wednesday morning at 8.00am for 30 minutes. This will be open to the group from Point Lonsdale, retreat guests, and you, if you have a connection to The Cliffs - how ever strong or tenuous that may be.

If you would like to learn to meditate and be in touch with a solid tradition of spiritual practice in meditation please join us. Please request a copy of the zoom link to join the meditation group via email

Here is a link to Laurence Freeman talking about meditation for anyone who would like to know what it is all about.

*First Sight: The Experience of Faith by Laurence Freeman

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