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A gracious reflection on our official opening

"Clare and Artie Shearman now offer a ministry of retreats and spiritual direction at The Cliffs retreat in Shoreham. Twelve months overdue (because of Covid restrictions in 2020), there was a celebration of blessing there on January 31.

Around seventy visitors, neighbours, friends, associates – suitably socially distancing on the front lawn of the house – enjoyed the simple ritual of handing over to Clare and Artie and blessing their presence and ministry.

Clare initially introduced Brian Gallagher msc, the previous director of The Cliffs. Brian spoke briefly of his twenty-one happy years in Shoreham and his delight in welcoming Clare and Artie to continue to care for the place and to offer valuable ministry.

Brian then led the blessing prayer as he and the assembled gathering all held their hands over Clare and Artie.

Clare chose to speak by way of launching Brian’s latest books, The Eyes of God, and God’s Foolishness. Clare’s warm affirmation of both books was then supported by Hugh McGinlay from Coventry Press, the publisher. The books were available for sale – signed by the author.

The celebration continued with bubbly and afternoon tea and enjoyment of the environment and the spectacular view over Honeysuckle Bay. Many visitors took the chance to inspect the retreat cottages and the new labyrinth."

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